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The Calling ~ Holy Spirit Hit  
By Arnie J. Hagerty

Somewhere around 1995, I found myself at 45 years old.  Overloaded with multiple
businesses, wife, four (4) children, Real Estate Investments.  Consciously providing
for all, disregarding success and failures.  Moving forward, knowing since I was
young man that time is short and self motivation is the way forward.  I was very

When I purchased a casual fine dining restaurant in Pennsylvania Dutch Country,
life changed radically.  Generally that’s another story; however, it was at that time
that I was hit by the Holy Spirit, third aspect of the Christian Trinity.

Reflexology was offered for stress control by an acquaintance.  After receiving, I
catapulted up, realizing its benefit and asked why the whole world does not know
this! I wanted to learn more, what greater good work could be pursued.  Meditation
skills followed.

Years earlier as a toolmaker, I was challenged to design and retool instruments for
orthopedic surgery.  A great satisfaction was felt for doing this work for mankind.  
As medical instrumentation was not my chosen field, I charged minimum for my
metal working skill.  
The caliber of the instruments and techniques for hip and knee surgery were
greatly improved as acknowledged by the surgical team and University of Penn
Honors that were awarded them.  Again, I took solstice in that mankind was helped
and a non-monetary reward became an aesthetic one of much greater value.

Being overweight, I joined a local gym in a country University town.  There, I
pumped iron, learned Tai Chi and received my first Reiki Attunement.  After three
(3) years of financial disappointments with the restaurant, I closed it and moved
back to suburban Philadelphia.  I found a local Holistic Shop that had a Reiki Share
that I joined.  I did this Reiki Share for the best part of three (3) years.

Oh, did I mention that I taught myself Reflexology.  Combining that with Reiki, I
calculated in those three (3) years I serviced 800 pairs of feet!  Learn the map of the
foot, then learned by experience, the Spirit and the psychic intuitive influence.

I continued to take every class offered i.e., Astrology, Tarot, Crystal Energy, Feng
Shui, Reiki II, Reiki III then, American Indian Shamanism.  I joined a Native American
tribe and it branched out in three ways. I chose one, selected a teacher and began
Shamanism apprenticeship.  About the time the apprenticeship was over, I was
approached by 3 students that wished to learn from me.  One succeeded and whom
now my business partner, Linda Hildebrand.
As a team, Linda Hildebrand and I continue to take added classes.  Secheim,
Sekhem High frequency Reiki, Karuna Reiki Master 1 and 2, a high frequency Reiki,
Zero Balancing, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Sonic Reiki.
Oh, did I mention that I read chakras?  This skill is integrated into our typical healing
session.  Take what you’ve learned from classes and practice.  Then, sit down with
pencil and paper and format your procedure whether traditional, modern,
ceremonial or routine.  Keep good notes as you may become a teacher and it will
assist you in creating lesson plans.

A brief explanation of a few of our modalities:

Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III
Sekheim Seichem Reiki
Karuna Reiki
Angel Healing
Shamanic Techniques
Chakra Reading
Reiki I – This is the 1st attunement of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.  This includes learning
appropriate hand positions and the How To of it all, history and concept of “laying of
hands”.  “Rei” means universal, “ki” means life force of chi.  The concept is to
visually picture light coming in the crown of your head, then send it to your heart,
then out of your hands.  Intuition or routine of hand positions administer the Reiki
Universal Light Energy to where it is needed.  Hands on, it is on.  Hands off, it is off.  
The student gets the knowing that their activated gift can make a positive
difference in a mental, spiritual, physical or emotional issue.  

Reiki II – You’ll learn 3 symbols.  It gives students bigger concept of how to use the
gift.  The first symbol is “power on”.  It is consistently used in other frequency of
Reiki’s.  The 2nd symbol is generally for protection.  The 3rd is for long distance
healing applied to those that cannot physically be in front of you.

Reiki III – Master/Teacher – You learn to give the attunements and teach from the
book and personal experience.

Sekheim/Sekhem Reiki – This is a high frequency Reiki that includes about ten new
symbols, some of which I have made my favorites.  My partner, Linda used
“Shining Everlasting Living Waters of  Ra  on my midsection while I suffered from
stomach pain baccilism.  The effective relief was instant and complete with only a
memory of how I felt minutes before.  This has ties to the Ancient Egyptians.

Karuna Master Reiki I & II – another high frequency Reiki with many more symbols
(about 8).  I feel these are excellent in deep emotional disorders.  This was
channeled and developed by William Rand, Celebrated Reiki Master.  Chanting the
sound of these symbols additionally serves as a powerful visionary meditation and
or healing session.

Cranial Sacral Therapy or CST – This was developed by Dr. John Upledger of the
Upledger Institute.  He is an osteopathic physician that discovered that the body
had involuntary rhythms that can be monitored.  By doing so, this monitoring can
release issues of the mental,  physical, spiritual and emotional.  It can realign the
body’s rhythms and deal with issues as far back as the client’s birth.  10 Steps of
hand positions can cause releases to righten the client.  Other gifts, symbols,
prayer, psychic surgery, Somato Emotional Release and Power Retrieval can be
incorporated in the routine.  Again, this is calling upon clients inner physician to
heal itself.  The Universe supplies – we channel it.
Angel Healing by Linda – Linda has created this modality and incorporated it with
her Sekem-Seikem Reiki attunement.  Sekem-Seikem is an Angelic light frequency
which has its roots in Egypt.  She prepared a specialize prayer for her clients
invoking the (4) major Archangels to catalyze the changes in which the client has
requested; then, places the Sekem symbols on the clients solar plexus for
integration of the energies to surround and activate that which the client needs,
desires, all according to the Soul’s Will and of course, God’s Will, that which they
can handle comfortably.

Shamanism – Oldest known modality on earth.  Over 10,000 years old.  Based on
the concept of awareness that all life is related.  We breathe air that dinosaurs
breathed, same planet, right?  The mentality is that we learn from all things.  We
study in science the animals, plant life etc.  Uniquely, a perspective, to get back to
optimism, verses negative pessimism.  Life is cyclic.  Death causes rebirth.  Matter
simply changes form.  Shamanism is how we “get there from here”.
American Indian is the Shamanism I practice.  That is North American, Central and
South.  Not to leave out “Taino” the lineage of the Caribbean Island Mayans.
The tribe I was associated with subscribe to roots Taino, Chippewa and Lakota.  
With 500 different tribes in North America alone, customs can vary.

The Medicine Wheel is a big deal.  It is a timeless teacher and channeling tool.
Colors, Animals, Spirit Keepers, Minerals, Plant Life varies amongst the Tribes.  All
ceremonies include repetition of a prayer “Calling in the Seven”.  Addressing the
four (4) directions, North, South, East and West with Mother Earth, Father Sky and
the One GOD “Creator”.  On or near the full moon, circle and sweat lodge are
customary activities.  These events are orchestrated with Opening Prayer,
Drumming, Rattling, Pipe Ceremony, Healing, monthly Mayan Energy information
and maybe some personal insights.

Note this is not a religion, but a belief system.  All of Creation is subject to polarity.  
Our job is to realize the dark as a teaching tool to get back to the Light.

The Shaman walks between worlds good and bad to experience the deaths.  Death
is a right of passage to be understood, not feared.  Death more often means the end
of away of thinking.  To see things from the perspective of Spirit.  This includes
Guides, Guardians, Angels, Ascended Masters all being connected with “Creator”.

To be an effective Shaman, one must have the courage of faith and live it, walking
the talk.  When some degree of integrity is obtained and maintained, the Shaman
gets his gift of sight.  A seer may be limited or versatile.  One seer Shaman may be
better at Conscious Readings, Prophecies.  One Seer Shaman may excel in healing
and health issues.  If costly, visits to a Psycho Therapist go on perpetually, clearly
the job is not being done.  In this case, Spiritual work is called for.  Don’t call Ghost
Busters call a well reputed Shaman.

Those that take the Shaman’s Path either get lost in self-delusion or if they are
among the few survivors, they are freed of mediocracy and opened to see the
Origin, the Creation Story.  The Shaman serves mankind as we journey to lower,
middle and upper worlds.

Ceremonial services and skill normally in the work load of Shamans are as follows:  
Lead Circle, Lead a Sweat Lodge, lead a group or individual, vision quest, soul
retrieval, remove attachments, house clearing, house blessing, group journey,
teach, power retrieval, Vision Quest, guide passing souls to the light and advise.
Specialty skills can develop.  Just busting to tell you about mine.  I read Chakra’s
Symbols drawn in the air with my hand invoke  a particular frequency of energy as I
direct it to the Chakra to be read.

I get vision, usually or audible sometimes.  The vision or verbiage gets interpreted
and the answer to how that chakra is doing at that moment, reveals itself.  It’s
usually very logical to how they are symptomatic to the issue revealed.

Any deficit chakras now get a Power Retrieval.  This is done by blowing in a
corrective energy.  Then, my routine would follow with Cranial Sacral Therapy.  
Monitoring the hydraulic rhythms of my client.  The Client can achieve a
subconscious or even better, a super conscious state where deep healing can be

The success rate is quite good.  We feel our work is in the 90 percentile of
significant, if not total success.  This observation is based on facts, not ego. Again,
reminding you that the client is the healer.  The accomplishment of practitioner is to
get clients heart’s open to their own truth.  The client must be ready for the sweet
surrender, turn it over to Creator.  They must loose the trauma.  Basically change
their way of thinking.  Death of the old thinking, as it does you no good, and blocks
future enlightenment                                                

New Energy – Above, Below, Within, Infinity, Einsoph
This is our “in house” channeled modality.  Other seers foretold that I would have
this Revelation.  Particularly, my Astrology Solar Return Chart from the previous
November, I laughed, could not see it.  Sure enough, by May, I spent several days
channeling and feverishly writing my thoughts.  Linda channeled research
materials that explained what I was seeing.  Other good minds were feeding this
through their research and channeling.  In attunement segment, clients visions
were synchronistic to that which they most needed.

I came up with the symbol after playing several geometries.  Had to be combined
triangle via, triangle down each divided to a trinity, heaven above, earth below.  A
heart, the Flaming Sacred Heart, Symbol and Divine Connection.  Infinity symbol
and what’s past infinity: Ainsoph, symbolized by  circle and dot in center. Anything
can happen anytime good or bad subject to polarity.  That’s life.  Here is an excerpt
from our EINSOF flyer:

Enough cannot be said about the fruit of the attunement.  As it encompasses sacred
symbols of light going back millions of years; thereby, connection with the knowing
and doing are remembered and utilized.

By the very fact that upon receiving it, you will get a vision, usually that which you
personally need.  Then, the ability to give the attunement minutes after receiving it,
giving you the knowing that you indeed have the ability to co-create with it.

You will find this attunement complete yet infinite.  It enhances channels and
modalities that you have and will have.  New enlightenment validified through
synchronicities and use of the symbol and words, applied to you in everyday life.

I would like to acknowledge the influences that supported my growth to present
this to the world.  The challenges were lessons, tests of faith.  Therefore, those that
had no faith in my work were as influential as the encouragement.

In truth, I would have to acknowledge every experience in my soul’s life; hence,
Divine Creation and all time itself!

To all teachers, partners, relations, authors, influences, co-creators of All Paths
Lead To One, we, those of faith, thank you!!!
Arnie “Dragon Horse” Hagerty                        

Exorcism & Releasing Unwanted Spirits From Your Energy Body
We have three methods in general as one may be more effective than another.

1)  Catholic Exorcism Rites – Verbalize prayer and energy delivered like fire and
brimstone evangelizing.  Effectivity could be relevant to this belief system.

2)  Dialogue – Achieving the client to a subconscious or super conscious state,
dialog with entity validating the argument that it has no right to be in someone and
that it must move on to the Light.

3)  Shamanic – Using American Indian Protocol for such procedure associated with
“Soul Retrieval”.

Three types of intrusions:
DFE – Dark Force Entity or minion of such.  Demon, unclean spirit, conform to
Historic description.

EB – Lost earthbound soul – move to Light

ET -  Extraterrestrial – it thinks, its job is to follow orders.  It has no right and the
mission is over.

Case Histories – Short Stories

Joan – Joan entered our Healing Center several years ago on a walker.  Elderly, 70’
s, a strong person stricken with multitude of pain and misfortune.  She had faith but
in need of a reconnection.  A Reiki Master herself and a member of a Holistic
Church in the area.  She was a native Long Island, NY gutsy gal.

As she came in, she explained her issues to her partner.  She told Linda she had a
bad heart and did not think she had long to live and for us not to feel bad if she dies
soon after our healing because she was ready to close her eyes to earth and open
them up to heaven.  I overheard some of it but I did not hear her say she was
currently having chest pains.

We took her to our Healing Room right away and gave her a Chakra Reading as she
laid face up on the table. Starting with the feet (Root Chakra), I did my vision,
interpreted it and I blew in the corrective energies.

The Heart Chakra was dramatic.  I saw scalloped and round top stones in a meadow
surrounded by a stone wall.  By GOD, I saw a cemetery…she wanted to die!  After
expounding this aloud, scolding myself as usually, I had more beside manner than

Joan cut loose with tears of pain and then released while telling her deep painful
issues.  She expounded that she had a daughter almost 30 yrs old then who she
pushed to a career.  She chose nursing and right out of school, took a job in an age
care facility.  Here she contracted a rare fatal disease.  Joan felt guilt for her
daughter’s death.

The next issue in her heart is that her husband left her in her 40’s to pursue a young
woman, then came home only to leave again with a man!?

Joan lived in a Apartment Complex that will filled with young thugs that preyed
upon her in a few muggings.  To boot, she was out of a job.

The principle Power Retrieval took us to think of the cactus and I Shamanically blew
the cactus energy in.  In re-reading the heart chakra, I saw a carefree little girl of 10
yrs old on a swing with her pigtails swinging in the summer breeze.  Tears of pure
joy overcame Joan and her burdens lifted. I finished the chakras then next was an
hour of 10 Step Cranial Sacral Therapy.

She did not use the walker when she left our store and her demeanor was bubbly
and chatty.  Before she left, she told Linda that her deceased dad was behind me
and his spirit guides were pulling him back.  Linda’s father died about a year ago
and he wanted to hang around her but he had a lot of work to do on the other side.  
Joan felt my dad’s remorse over the way he treated her while living and was trying
to convey that to her.

He was worried that Linda didn’t forgive him but she did.  This news came to no
surprise to Linda because she was having dreams constantly of him and he didn’t
look good.  After Joan’s message, Linda shamanically burnt a feather to release her
dad’s soul obligation to her and visa versa to release him to continue his souls work
in heaven.  Her dreams of her dad ceased for a while.  Now and then, her dad
appears in her dreams but is much happier and looking better than ever!

Two weeks later, a young man from her church community came in to say hi and
bellowed “What did you guys do to Joan?!”  With humor and some trepidation, we
asked “why?”  He said Joan had tossed out her walker, got a new job, moved out of
the bad living place and was a picture of health.  Two months later, she called us
and told us the same story.  Two years later, we learned that Joan had passed on.  
Is this a success story?  You bet!  This woman was a fighter all her life and
regrouped her power, defining her individuality and making herself ready the way
she wanted to be remembered and received.
The Skeptic – Short Story

Two (2) bubbly fashionable ladies entered our facility the 1st week we were
opened.  As they walked from room to room, they oood and ahhhed, delighted at
the crystals, statuaries, books, jewelry we have here.  They were sisters visiting
each other, one from out of State.  Feeling comfy to chat, I did so and mentioned
the healing arts that we practiced and teach here.  I offered them a free introductory
Chakra Reading.  They conferred a moment and said we have a friend in the car we
think this may be good for.

A slightly younger mid 30’s woman came in with a skeptic ho hum attitude.  Cranky
and introverted, she was mildly resentful for her friends putting her in the spotlight.  
We began the chakra reading.  Noticing her skepticism and hearing it, I continued.  I
saw that she was dedicated to a business concept, she said website design which
she was doing for the 2 ladies.  Spirit says to me “ask if she is getting paid for her
labors”.  I looked at the two of them and they shamefully said “no”.  That needed
the balance of payment or she is being cheated.  She also had a love of her white
cat, I said.  She says your wrong, my cat is black and white.  I looked again, its white
to cream.  Then she says that one is the sister of my cat and it lives down the
street.  Clearly your still attached.  I advised her to study old movies with actors
she admires.  I said to memorize their classic lines and use them in your
conversation to others.
I borrowed their personalities from achieved films.  Why?  Because her personality,
as is, would not help her career dreams.  She admitted at this point, that this was all
good advice, but felt it was intuitive bullshit.

I said a little prayer to spirit, “give me something that there was no way I could
have known about her, something bazaar”.  

When I read the crown chakra, I see her hair in 3 different colors, side by side front
and back.  The hair was red, white and blue.

At this, she laughed and stated I had own her over, the walls came down.  She
admitted to a wild and rebellious youth where she had dyed her hair in that
manner.  She left happy, the 2 sisters were irritated that the plot not to pay her had
been exposed.
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