Meet "Merlin" - All Path's Healing Cat
Merlin was found by Linda at the back door of her home in Wernersville. Two readers had told
her that she had  CAT ENERGY even though she had always had a preference for dogs. Also,
in Arnie's Native American Protocal class, the animal totem came up as a lion. Little did she
know what was coming!
Since she already had a dog, she could not bring this cute little kitty into her home. He would
visit her back porch about once a week, just in case she'd changed her mind. Then, one
December morning during a cold snap, he appeared again - shivering - with soulful eyes. She
knew this kitten was meant to have a happy home. So, Linda made a call to Arnie to ask if he
could be the store pet cat. He happily agreed and the rest is history!
We were so sure that Merlin had been sent to
assist us in our healing work that Linda attuned
him for Reiki I. He had the opportunity to show
this to us in January of this year when Linda came
down with conjunctivitis in her right eye. She laid
down on the store sofa and Merlin came
bounding up. He sat on the arm of the sofa and
placed one of his paws on her forehead right
above the same sore eye! He kept it there for
about a minute and then laid down by her feet.
More recently, Arnie was doing a healing session
Merlin is a very happy kitty and quite a ham and
we adore him! He loves people, especially our
customers, and has made himself our official
By the way, he was born at the end of July which
makes him Leo "the Lion".
All Paths Lead To One
for a client of ours and Merlin came into the healing room and laid his furry body on the client
for the entire healing session. (1 1/2 hours) Little did Merlin know that the client had an issue  
...or did he???