The Tarot is a tool for awakening our intuitive faculties, for putting us in touch with our inner world.  It is a system that leads us on
the path of adventure and self-discovery.  By tapping into the symbolism on the Tarot cards as they relate to our everyday
concerns, we can explore our personal mythologies and more clearly see the realities of our lives.  In essence, the Tarot is a
device for meditation, reflection, contemplation, problem analysis, brainstorming, decision clarification, stimulation of intuition,
self-understanding, spiritual growth, and divination.  The cards of the Tarot allow us to tap into a dimension of the universe that
may otherwise be inaccessible.  They are not necessarily predictive but often turn out to be so.  They always offer an alternative
view and a new perspective on the problems in our lives.  

Linda (WhiteDove) has studied Tarot since 1979 and has honed her skill in reading the cards as she sees them, using her intuitive
abilities and explaining what she sees from a practical, down-to-earth perspective.  She will select the type of spread according to
your question as she is guided to.  Tarot Readings by Linda (WhiteDove) can be done over the phone, in person at her store or
via e-mail.  Call or e-mail her at .  Please provide your first name and your question (s).  1 hr. reading:  
All Paths Lead To One
40 Quarry Road*Kutztown, PA  19530
Phone:  610-683-8025 * Fax:  610-683-8454

*Maybe just for yourself or maybe to have fun reading with your friends and family.
*Maybe you have been playing with the Tarot for a long time by yourself and would like
some more input from others of like mind.
*Or maybe you would like to become a profession Tarot Reader working on the phone or
with your own clientele.
 Look No Further !!!
Linda "WhiteDove" of All Paths Lead To One is offering a 10-week Tarot
Tuesday, April 1, 2010 * 7:00 - 9:30 p.m.

Materials Provided:  

- 3 ring binder with lesson sheets and comprehensive descriptions for all 78 cards of the
Major and Minor Arcana using the Robin Wood Tarot Deck.
- Robin Wood Tarot Deck
- Tarot Plain and Simple Text Book
- Certificate of Completion
- Fee:  $425 ($225 deposit, $20 per week upon startup)

Location:  40 Quarry Road, Kutztown.

Call or write to register:  E Mail: * Ph:  610-683-8025

Linda "WhiteDove" is also available for private readings:  $40/hr.

To accommodate all, look for more dates in the future for daytime classes. Call or write if you have
interest in day classes.